Absolute Must read for Writers

“damn the rejections full speed ahead”
by Maralys Wills
reviewed by Tazatator
April 2012

Fifty pages into this highly acclaimed award winning treatise, there was no more wonder in me about the benefit to be derived. My visceral reaction to Ms.Wills’ description of my own inner workings on writing is wonderful. She explains our internal gears by roller skating through sophisticated metaphors with simple direct language. Her own story jumps and runs whilst she divulges not only how and what to write, but once this sinks in, why. I am not so unusual or alone. This is a true comfort. Her treatment of “beginnings” is lucid and pertinent. The inspiration never wanes or stops, seducing motivation you may have never felt on a subconscious level. You can’t get this book away from me. It is truly a treasure.

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