Connect to the Clouds

October 30, 2012

There are plenty of ways these days to be “connected”; sometimes at the expense of a disconnect to ourselves. I marvel at young people in conversation; not straining their eyes, not looking at the requisite screen; an almost incessant interruption in their lives. If ADD (attention deficit disorder) is as prevalent as it is (makes sense, huh?) is it possible that we have caused it, pursuing corporate profitability? Wireless leashes permeate the society of our young people. Observe young people playing baseball or soccer. No time for phones or twittering on the field. Amazing. A coffee shop conversation without a phone call interruption? Fainting. I’m driving down the phone, chatting away on my car (usually about nothing important) when I come to realize I don’t remember the purpose of the call. Worse yet, in the middle of the sentence, I tell the other “sheep” to; “Hold on, I don’t know where my phone is.”

In the early 1980‘s our lives were “transastorized” via modern communication and “computer technology”. The microprocessor has certainly provided some benefit to society, but for whatever reason, my world is almost the same with or without the thing. It does provide me relief from talking directly with pesky young people, which I actually lament, but they seem to be fine with this. In summary, it appears the communication connectivity thing allows confusion, interruptions, and an invasion of privacy to now enter almost everyone’s lives and provide investors and brokers amusement at the Wall Street gaming table. This hand held leash connects everyone to confusion, bureaucracy and what some call entertainment. The new break through in security challenges? “Cloud” computing. I can wait.

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