The Course of History in our Hands

Greetings from my desk on the day of the #CISPABlackout. Copy and paste the hash tags in this essay in the search window on the website The USA is being fought over by interests represented by the most financially powerful and ruthless humans on the planet. Our government doesn’t represent our interests whatsoever, and in my perception is under an incomprehensible amount of pressure from the opposing interests in this conflict. It is past time to recognize the essence of this conflict, as the outcome will affect us directly, our children magnanimously, and the course of human history.
There are recent examples of government regulations that could only be identified as poorly disguised and serious attempts at tyranny, ie. #FISA, #NDAA, #CISPA. I believe the arrogance with which these measures are carried out serves to demoralize; cause apathy, fear, ignorance and eventually; the submission of the citizens to a police state. #BostonPoliceState
Some believe there is credence to an #Agenda21 or #NWO conspiracy, and there is evidence that is difficult to overlook in this regard. These financial powers can direct others to control weather with multiple technologies, (#HAARP, #chemtrails) create floods with tides, ignore international law, determine the content and delivery of every thing we see, hear and if we are not careful; think. This conflict exposes itself in public schools, where young children have been traumatized by horrible events; but worse yet is the continuing indoctrination of our children with ideas that are contrary to that of the people that founded our country. #Commoncore
The financial world of Wall Street, the Reserve banks of the World, IMF, and the  monetary monsters within are above the law as they destroy the value of currencies, committing fraud upon the citizens and exhibiting the same arrogance as multiple  governments in doing so. Financial Regulatory agencies appear more than slightly complicit or even worse; incompetent. (#SEC #OCC #DOJ). Financial criminals rarely serve jail time and their controlling interests manage to pass their ‘mistakes’ on to the general public via #bailout. Military interests perpetuate war, and the financial interests reap the benefits of taking over the finances of countries in these ‘conflicts‘, such as Iraq. The stock market trends of the defense industry contractors defies the general trend in the market. Beside this, there are many who are convinced the market is completely rigged by #bankers #endthefed #STOCKact
The pursuit of citizens to right these wrongs is exemplified by the #RonPaul movement and many other groups such as #TeaParty, #Anonymous, #Occupy, #Oathkeepers and a huge number of Constitution believing citizen groups such as #NRA and #GunOwnersof America. These groups want to make our Country what it should be. There is some progress here, but I believe they argue with each other too much. Without more unity, we are powerless. Those who put their faith in government to act in accordance with law as it is written to protect and provide for them are delusional. These ‘people’ are the biggest problem we face. Others who question and speak out regarding the many recent ‘events’ are possibly labeled as terrorists and those who point out or question these events often endanger themselves in their pursuit of awareness and justice.
Our ‘media’ is delivered by a handful of companies that are obviously complicit in delivering propaganda and obfuscating material facts. To some, it is obvious the agenda of those in power is to demoralize, financially oppress, indoctrinate, vaccinate and use military force to control , and some believe euthanize (#Eugenics #BillGates #Agenda21) the general population.
Our children grow up with less parenting, a huge amount of information from questionable sources, intelligent and cruel peer pressure, and public primary through college graduation education that relies too much I say on rote imitation and ignorance of critical thinking. Children may see politicians caught in lies, and are kept ignorant by parents who are  frankly, also ignorant or apathetic regarding world events. The child is traumatized enough. The realization that our food industry #Monsanto and regulators #FDA haven’t done much as the guardians of public health is to many parents a shocking discovery. We know there are documented cases of adverse side effects in our diets, so there is no logical justification in the continuance of same. #GMO.
We have #falseflags, wars that can’t be justified, a frightening lack of compassion for humanity and worldwide religious, resource and financial conflicts that are absurd. Multiple generations choose apathy, perpetuating the ignorance. A sad day is approaching; that which will necessitate us to abandon the pursuit of waking people up to our possible future and instead devoting more of our time to obstructing and undermining this ‘agenda’, whilst simultaneously determining which courses of action are necessary to prevent our own deprivation of freedom and to many, much worse. It is up to us. What will you do to determine the course of history?
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