Just Suppose 911

Just Suppose
Jan1, 2014
I have had more than a few second thoughts about publishing this, but,
Just suppose 911 was a frame up to invade Iraq so United States Government could:
Establish military bases
Take over Central Bank
Destroy financial records at Pentagon and Wall Street
Murder key witnesses who could expose the plot
Allow instances of International Crime to go uninvestigated and unpunished
Control finance, oil, minerals and opiates in Middle East, including Afghanistan
Appoint subversives to positions in US Government, including white house staff
Provide financing for contracted private militia and military industrial complex
Provide incentive for revenge among Muslim tribes to justify ‘war on terror’
Utilize ‘war on terror’ to enact unconstitutional legislation
Legalize spying, indefinite detention and hold US citizens captive to US regime
Imprison and murder outspoken Whistleblowers
Obfuscate, delay enforcement and violate the Constitution with obtuse Court rulings
Antagonize multiple Countries while funding and staging domestic terrorist activities
Attempt to disarm citizens without amending the Constitution
Provide financial and military support for both sides of conflict, perpetrating same
Sacrifice and disarm military with subversive orders and ‘rules of engagement’
Inflate the US currency with unsustainable Federal Reserve policy
Disavow Constitutional rights under ‘protection of civil liberties’
Open borders of United States while suspending Constitution

Promote destructive cultural insurgent agenda of those who hate the United States
Utilize propaganda of multiple complicit media sources to further agenda
Create enormous consumer debt by mandating unconstitutional tax

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7 Responses to Just Suppose 911

  1. Deb Lea says:

    Well I must say, I have, on many occasions tried to put all of what has happened in the past 10 – 15 years into perspective. I have failed because in my mind, there had to be a common thread in all that’s happened. I couldn’t find it. I believe you may have! It makes much sense if one includes all the behind the scene stuff that is constantly being denied such as DHS stockpiling, agenda 21, Muslim Brotherhood in the WH inner circle and on and on. You my friend may have solved it!

  2. Ann says:

    Sorry I had to cut ties w the Twitter clutch that was sucking folks into arguments. Looks like an unfollow occurred in the middle of a DM convo. Rather convincing, I’d say. Your a good guy and I enjoyed your work. Best wishes.

  3. No RNC says:

    Bravo, 911 was an INSIDE JOB!!! Demand a rfeal investigation w/ every breath!

    • Debra says:

      My question is; why is there so much conspiracy talk about 9/11 lately? It comes with the Muslims insistence on having any wording of jihad or Islamic extremism taken out of the record. I’m sorry but it is beginning to sound like a conspiracy against Christianity. Please explain your motives. I’m very upset about this!!

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      • tazatator says:

        It is not a conspiracy against Christianity. My thoughts on 911 are the result of 1. My brother worked in the building. 2. The ‘plane’ that was ‘brought down’ in PA landed between my sister’s and parent’s homes. 3. There is a preponderance of evidence that the buildings were demolished. 4. No building will collapse like you have been led to believe. 5. Thermite, a high temp. explosive left residue as evidence of demolition. 6. I stand by my theories regarding all of this. Do some research.

      • Debra says:

        I have always respected you for your intelligence and desire to fact find. I do not respect your arrogance though. I have researched 9/11 and I do not believe in a conspiracy by our government. Nothing was to be gained from it. Years from now I may change my mind because I always try to stay open to new information. Could it be you are just too close to it all and are placing blame out of a need for closure? I didn’t appreciate the tone your response to me took. Please consider you may not always be right and talking down to people does not help your cause. Be well, God Bless.

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