Fukushima Discoveries

Fukushima and Radiation
In 1973, I took a high school class on Nuclear Power taught by someone who was at the time a proponent of Nuclear Power. His attitude and position is mirrored in some of the regulatory sourced disclosures regarding the current incident; a denial of the danger related to levels discovered and in this case, documents that actually show this to be a sanctioned agreed upon coverup. It is beyond me to assess the dangers associated with this accident. I have taken it upon myself to gather as many sources within a time frame and present them here. In cases such as this, it is always a difficult decision for the presenter to decide at what point to conclude, if ever the degree of threat and beyond that, the accuracy of the evidence. I am nowhere near qualified to make such judgements; however I feel it is important to show what has been presented. In the end in this case I regret it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions and take necessary precaution. The sources quoted here however do in the majority of cases indicate that Fukushima is a threat.

Typically a nuclear power station uses the heat of a fission reaction with a heat exchanger to effect the phase change from liquid H2O to steam. This steam releases the energy of the fission reaction and is directed at a turbine which then spins on a shared axle with a generator, producing voltage, which is then transferred to the grid, and from there to users.
The design and location of the TEPCO Fukushima Reactor is in my mind questionable because of possible ‘meltdown’ (now occurring) or what is referred to as the ‘China Syndrome’ Failure to control the reaction may be attributed to disturbance of geology (earthquake), control rod failure, breaching of heat exchanger components due to corrosion or mechanical failure, disturbance or malfunction of monitoring/ control or backup systems, other factors or a combination of the a fore mentioned. In the case of Fukushima, the cause of the meltdown is ironically attributed to a power failure caused by the flooding of a tsunami. There are some conspiracy theories regarding this incident. That is not as important in my opinion as is what’s presented here. Please do your own research on conspiracy theories.

The Reactor itself is cased to prevent the ‘China Syndrome’ in earlier designs with steel, which has in most cases been superseded by concrete in later installations. The GE system at TEPCO is steel. The casing and the location of TEPCO’s reactor above an aquifer near the Pacific Ocean has lead directly to the life threatening situation. As the meltdown progressed, radioactivity is initially released into the atmosphere and the casing has failed, in this case contaminating the below ground aquifer; which is fed by underground rivers. As the level of contaminant rises above the aquifer’s natural boundaries, it then is subjected to the incursion of same level sea water from the Ocean, which then carries the radioactivity into the sea. It is beyond me to explain why the initial response to this tragedy wasn’t to dam the underground rivers feeding the aquifer to minimize the overflow.
I am grateful to those who have found the sources they did and taken the time and made the effort to share this on twitter.

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AP, WRAL, ABC, FOX, Gundersen. Thank you Jason Brickley.


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Malfunction of Crane Causes Non disclosure


Susanne Posel Reactor 3 Meltdown Admitted by TEPCO


12 Minute Video “Radioactive Reality”


Remediation by Recruited Homeless at Fukushima


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Mochizuki of Fukushima Diary on Reactor 3/4 Shielding. Good Resource.


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