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Veteran Administration Discoveries

Recent News Reports regarding the delayed care of Veterans and coverup is more of the same from an Administration that is at least incompetent and perhaps quite a bit worse than that. None of these stories have been verified as … Continue reading

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“Betrayed” Questions from Billy and Karen Vaughn on Extortion17

On August 6, 2011 the Extortion17 mission was the death of 17 members of Seal Team 6. This is the same group named by Joe Biden, Leon Panetta and Barack Obama as having killed Osama Bin Laden. Joe Biden and … Continue reading

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How GMO Became a Worldwide Household Word

Various three and four letter government agencies have responsibility to tax payers to inspect businesses that have direct impact on the health of the citizens. At their discretion, unsafe, unhealthy and life threatening diseases and microbes are kept away from … Continue reading

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Do Agendas Ignore Public School Parents & Students?

A variety of causes are cited for cancellation of Michelle Obama’s appearance at a high school graduation ceremony in Topeka. There was limited seating for the venue. Parents raised concern over the proposed topic of her speech- the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Can We Cure the American Cancer Society?

“People that donate to the American Cancer Society are basically funding pharmaceutical/chemical eugenics. According to Wiki, the rate of cancer in Americans has more than doubled the population growth since its founding.” – John Bravo Independent Journalist Top the News … Continue reading

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