Audit the Federal Reserve Discoveries

Federal Reserve Discoveries
published July 26, 2014

Audit the Fed H.R. 24 Passes Oversight Committee July 25, 2014 (Article)
Via Megan Stiles. Paul Broun, Ron Paul

Committee Markup HR 24 Part 1 Audit the Federal Reserve (Video) 7-24-14 (1:30:25)
Oversight Committee H.R. 24. Issa, Maloney, Amash. Roll Call Vote.

Rand Paul on Janet Yellen’s Nomination to Head Federal Reserve (Video)
GAO- “No Meaningful Audit Possible” 9 Trillion in Debt Bails out Banks

Ben Swann on the Federal Reserve (Video) Drops a Truth Bomb on Rothschild and the Federal Reserve (Video)
B of A, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Shell, BP, Exxon, Chevron, Deutsche Bank, BNP,Barclays, Dean Henderson- Author “Big Oil & Their Bankers” Money Trail. Webster G. Tarpley. Too Big to Fail. Central Banks. Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, UBS and Many More.
The Heart of the Cartel and Cause Debt and Seizures. The Rothschilds in 1694 and Bank of England
Detailed History. The Financing of Both Sides of Multiple Wars

How the Fed Came to be in 1913. (Video)
Aldrich, Taft, Wilson, JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warberg
G.Edward Griffin-Author, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”
Mark Calabria- Cato Institute- “Housing Bubble” & Stock Market
“Fort Knox’s Gold” & NWO’s 1%. Reagan/ Volker “Mandrake Mechanism”
Paulson, Bernanke

Inspector General Coleman Board of Governor’s Testimony on Federal Reserve (Video)
ONE TRILLION DOLLARS + MISSING? Off Balance Sheet Transactions.
Nine Trillion Dollars in Credit Extended?- Bloomberg’s Questions

Ron Paul- Author “End the Fed” (Video-2xs removed fromYou Tube)
JFK- “Secret Societies” MLK & “The Arrogance of America”
Ron Paul- “The Middle East and The Constitution”

John Duncan, SEC & Bernanke Threatens Congress on GAO Audit (Video)

Rothschild answers to Bloomberg “International Currency” (Video)

The Federal Reserve is Privately Held. Government’s Description. (Article)

The President who Told the Truth- JFK (Video)
Skull & Bones, Bush, Kerry, Obama, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club.
Alex Jones Grills George Gergen about Bohemian Grove

CNN Crushed by Tea Party Advocates “End the Fed” (Video)

7 Pages of YouTube Results for “Ron Paul + End the Fed” (Videos)

JFK & Federal Reserve “Dark Legacy” (Video)
John J. McCloy & Warren Commission

JFK vs. The Federal Reserve (Article-2007)

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