Happy Labor Day

Of all the issues facing citizens in the demise of our Republic and Democracy, the obvious compliance by the Main Stream Media cannot be ignored in their obfuscation of truth and their NDAA legalized delivery of propaganda. Since I have been a member of the independent “alternative media”, I am astonished and dismayed at the virulent evidence of apathy and ignorance that to me is so causally significant that it outweighs the atrocities of the numerous “scandals” that have befallen us. To disregard the warnings and exposure by the many Soldiers of Truth is to me a most disreputable endorsement of the destruction of our Country. The progress of the NWO Agenda is to be stopped only in the absence of this ignorance and apathy. When Thomas Jefferson said, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”, He provided a simple oath that summarizes what should be that of any free person.

In four years I have witnessed through multiple sources the decline and debasement of the very fiber our Country was founded upon. The corruption of our government is not a new thing; it is just blatantly evident due to the courage and pursuits of Soldiers of Truth; many of whom who have died for the cause. Some believe our Constitution has been suspended since FDR’s declaration of a “national emergency”. This is NOT a convenient truth if it be so. When Eisenhower mentioned and warned of the Military Industrial Complex and Kennedy the “shadow government” did we not pay heed? Did the exposure by multiple U.S. Presidents regarding the Federal Reserve cause a backlash and renewed resolve by the benefactors of this insidious perpetrator of “theft by debt”? The Agenda of the 1% has blackmailed, extorted and popularized their minions and our “elected representatives” in ever conceivable way. The instigation and resolution of laws and rulings such as “Citizens United”, Dodd Frank, Glass Steagal & SuperPacs as well as the absurd bail outs and government funding of private failed enterprise is virulent evidence of wrong doing to the edge of malfeasance.

Those engaged in the pursuit of Saving and Restoring the Country devote their time to the investigation, exposure and education of their fellow citizens in these matters. It DOES matter that wars are being fought, staged and negotiated for the benefit of our “Rulers” who have shown disregard and disrespect to the citizens and the Constitution. It DOES matter that an oath of citizenship asks those to uphold the Constitution. It DOES matter that the 2nd Amendment states “shall not be infringed”. It DOES matter that most people want to know what’s going on, but have NO idea what to do about it. Get to know your neighbors. They are the most important people you know. There is ONE Pursuit we Cannot Abandon. Speak up. Loudly. Incessantly. Objectively. It’s Labor Day. Get to Work. Godspeed.

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