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My Mother Told Me

July 25,2015

“The morning hours have gold in their mouth.” Now I’m an insomniac with “false teeth”.
“No good deed goes unpunished”. I’ve certainly proved that, and I’ve had enough.
“They destroyed this Country when they took prayer out of the Schools”. Obvious.
“You can lead a Horse to water, but cannot make him drink.” Horses; people. H2O; Truth.
“Nice Guys Finish Last.” I missed the starting gun.
“The nicer you are to people, the more they crap all over you.” Shoveling my whole life.
“This kid is a writer.”- My primary grade teachers to my parents. Ugh.

When the reality of our own mortality hits home, and our beliefs and ideology make us question our life’s purpose, who do we ask for guidance? We may get a philosophy from our friends, an ideology or religion from a minister, pot from the pharmacy, drugs on the street, booze from the liquor store or a prescription from a Doctor, but essentially the question persists. What is my fate? Do I have a destiny? Why was I born now?

I once had a “medium” tell me I was a warrior in a previous life, and I was also a remarkable life meme of the statesman Albert Schwitzer. I do believe my life has been a stubborn insistence that the world as it exists will have an epiphany and exhibit this through an overwhelming triumph of good over evil. How naive. How idealistic. Goodness and compassion everywhere. Heaven on Earth. Why not? Why have so many of evil been elevated to power who dictate our every move?

Those of faith in God may say; “It’s a test. These are end times. It’s predicted. Satan was given reign of the Earth.” Atheists & Darwinians might say we evolved from a simian life form. Hmm. Looks like we may still have some evolving to do here. For those who deny Life itself is a mystery and believe they have the answer to “Why?”, it would be nice if they would come forward, and now would be a good time. To the best of my knowledge there is no Scripture that decrees “religion” is mandatory for salvation. I draw here a distinct line between faith in God and “religion”; an invention of Humans. Is it inherent tribal survival instinct or the “need for companionship” that drives people to each others’ company in congregation? This is of course embedded in Scripture and that is plenty reason enough for most people to attend church.

My life is more than halfway over. I have bills and taxes to pay and like most cling to the precept that I am destined for a higher purpose. I have come to justify my absence of purpose as We know it to be nothing more than an acute and pervasive lack of awareness. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” We cannot measure our influence. We have changed lives. In some cases, this has been acknowledged. While this change is not brought to our attention, it exists. We have caused others to ponder and investigate their own beliefs who may not have the humility to say so. A human failing in all of us.

Ye of little Faith; Be of good Faith. Please continue. Do not become apathetic. The evidence of ignorance in others is not our failure. Realize that our destiny may be only that; to continue. It is likely far more important that we do so than to question the value of the same. When our time has come and the final curtain is near to draw, be the person who will say, “I always did what I felt was right and I have no regrets for my pursuits. I am unaware of their effect.” This is not an easy route and everyone has their cross to bear.  For some of us, there is simply no other way to live. Peace be with you, and May God Bless.

CindyDave prayer

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