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Patriots and Paws Don’t Pause when it comes to Veterans

The needs of a Veteran returning to civilian life. Basic Stuff. Housing, Food, Furnishings, Companionship, A JOB, maybe? Can we rely on the Government for these necessities? I was aware of the answer here long before I archived articles & … Continue reading

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Crimes of Planned Parenthood

Word Monger September 4, 2015 There is a time in life when we are called to be bigger than we are. It is a fearful moment that can’t be dismissed. The call is insistent; it cannot be ignored; it dominates … Continue reading

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Please Continue

My Mother Told Me July 25,2015 “The morning hours have gold in their mouth.” Now I’m an insomniac with “false teeth”. “No good deed goes unpunished”. I’ve certainly proved that, and I’ve had enough. “They destroyed this Country when they … Continue reading

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Broadcasters, No Names and Telecasters

Tazatator, THE Word Monger November 17, 2014 Leo Fender liked to fish. There is no questioning a number of his life and business philosophies. The influence of the electric guitar immortalizes Leo. Others who endeavored to be first to the … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day

Of all the issues facing citizens in the demise of our Republic and Democracy, the obvious compliance by the Main Stream Media cannot be ignored in their obfuscation of truth and their NDAA legalized delivery of propaganda. Since I have … Continue reading

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Audit the Federal Reserve Discoveries

Federal Reserve Discoveries published July 26, 2014 Audit the Fed H.R. 24 Passes Oversight Committee July 25, 2014 (Article) Via Megan Stiles. Paul Broun, Ron Paul Committee Markup HR 24 Part 1 Audit the Federal Reserve (Video) 7-24-14 (1:30:25) … Continue reading

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Veteran Administration Discoveries

Recent News Reports regarding the delayed care of Veterans and coverup is more of the same from an Administration that is at least incompetent and perhaps quite a bit worse than that. None of these stories have been verified as … Continue reading

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