“Betrayed” Questions from Billy and Karen Vaughn on Extortion17

On August 6, 2011 the Extortion17 mission was the death of 17 members of Seal Team 6. This is the same group named by Joe Biden, Leon Panetta and Barack Obama as having killed Osama Bin Laden. Joe Biden and Leon Panetta have been sued by the victims’ families for that disclosure. A hearing on Extortion 17 was scheduled and held by Jason Chaffetz (Chairman) on Feb. 27, 2014 regarding the downing of their helicopter in Afghanistan. A total of 30 U.S. Service Men were killed. 1)

Among the victims was Aaron Vaughn, survived by his parents, Karen and Billy Vaughn. Other family members of the victims requested this hearing and wished their voices to be heard. This was denied.
None of the questions from Karen and Billy Vaughn submitted were read or answered at the hearing, and included;
1. Who in the chain of command or setting policies, allowed the Imam to speak over the American dead in ceremony in Afghanistan?
2. Why has a full translation and interpretation of the Imam’s message not been shared with the families?
3.Was this operational command policy or policy created by the white house and state department through MOU and Afghan leadership?
4. Why were, and who allowed foreign flags on possible US Forces caskets without knowing for sure if Afghan Nationals or US service members remains were in the coffins? Why was this not determined before returning the remains home and prior to reception of body’s by the families? 2) 3) 4)

All of the victims’ remains were cremated. According to Karen and Billy Vaughn, they gave no authorization for this action. It is documented that Aaron Vaughn notified his parents after the Bin Laden ‘mission’ to “erase yourselves from the internet” as at that point, Biden had essentially put a target on their backs. The Extortion 17 mission Chinook helicopter (not typical) was flown into a “red zone” with evidently no backup and was downed by a missile. All aboard died. The passenger manifest was changed at the last minute. Why this was done is also an unanswered question. Veiled threats from within authority have warned the families to be quiet about Extortion 17. Billy and Karen Vaughn won’t have that and invite publicity about the death of the members of Seal Team 6. The Vaughns have written the book, “Betrayed”; now available.
There have been accusations from ex military commanders; notably Gen. Paul Vallely of a coverup by the commanders and politicians privy to information undisclosed regarding Extortion17. Similar objections have been voiced by Larry Klayman, Allen West, and General Boykin 5)
The Extortion 17 mission is the largest single day loss of life for U.S.forces in Afghanistan. No surviving witnesses to the death of Bin Laden have come forward. Authorities have destroyed photographs of Bin Laden’s ‘capture’ and death. Citizens have raised their voices about Extortion 17, but as is the case with Benghazi, there are more questions than answers. The truth remains elusive.


1. http://www.c-span.org/video/?318022-1/hearing-extortion-17-casualties
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3. Karen and Billy Vaughn submitted document to Hearing.
5. Video testimony and articles posted here:

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How GMO Became a Worldwide Household Word

Various three and four letter government agencies have responsibility to tax payers to inspect businesses that have direct impact on the health of the citizens. At their discretion, unsafe, unhealthy and life threatening diseases and microbes are kept away from the public food supply. They are also charged with monitoring air and water quality and warning the public of unsafe conditions therein. It is our elected representatives who insure these tasks are carried out in a vigilant manner. The approval ratings of Congress and the Senate are justifiable reasons for concern over their responsibility in this task.
Not long ago these representatives saw fit to make it illegal for citizens to sue a company directly involved in the agricultural production of more than 75% of the USA domestic corn crop. This story has made more than a subtle impact on the citizen’s perception of government agencies and our elected officials. With sizable campaign contributions in hand from this agricultural and chemical giant, an elected representative of the United States Government, Roy Blunt penned legislation that prevented lawsuits against the company Monsanto. Dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act”, and passed as the Farmer Assurance Provision under Sec. 735 of the Senate Spending Bill, not only was this law written, it was passed by both sides of the aisle. Also telling is the appointment to positions in the FDA as well as Supreme Court of the United States. Michael Taylor and Clarence Thomas, both former counsel for Monsanto who are now respectively, the head of the FDA and a Justice on the Supreme Court.
The “law” expired in September 2013, but the evidence of this government corruption has lived on in outrage with citizens everywhere. When the ‘provision’ came up for ‘renewal’, the citizens of the alternative media made it clear it would not be tolerated.
“Short-term appropriations bills are not an excuse for Congress to grandfather in bad policy,” said Colin O’Neil, director of government affairs for the Center for Food Safety.
The point of contention is about GMOs (genetically modified organics). These seeds are patented and sold exclusively by Monsanto to farmers all over the world. The seeds themselves may be harmless to human physiology, but it is the ‘treatment’ they are exposed to enable their growth that is the cause for concern. Weeds and pests can be more than a minor problem as any gardener will attest. This is a thing of the past for GMO crops. The seeds are ‘designed’ for the crop to resist herbicides and pesticides applied to fields, obtained through Monsanto; notably ‘Roundup’. This poison is available in garden shops every where and marketed as a weed killer with no peer. “A GMO is the result of a lab process in which genes from one plant’s DNA are injected into another plant’s DNA, with the goal of increasing yields, reducing disease, or creating some other resistance.” Monsanto commercial seeds are marketed as “Roundup Ready”. Monsanto also distributed Agent Orange, the exfoliant used to obliterate vegetation in the jungle of Vietnam. Numerous veterans suffer the effects of exposure and huge court cases were settled.
Senate Bill #37; the GMO labeling bill, was narrowly defeated in California, one of the largest agricultural producers in the world. Similar bills have made better results in other states. The general requirement is that any product derived from GMO crops must be labeled as such. If you are using corn syrup, it is likely GMO derived. Processed food is where this becomes complicated. It is not the crop; it is the chemicals used to grow it that are a danger. Lab rats fed only GMO derived corn developed huge tumors. As cattle are typically raised in feed lots and fed corn and grains, what should we know about our beef?
Anti GMO Legislation is being supported in Applegate Valley, near Medford, Oregon. “Measure 17-58 on the May ballot would ban the planting or growing in Josephine County of any plant with DNA that has been altered by technology”. (GMOs). “It affects everybody, if you can spray Roundup on something and it doesn’t die; Eating that is utterly detrimental to humans” said Sam Pennington of Pennington Farms. He doesn’t grow GMO crops. Not only do these farmers oppose GMO crops, they have to oppose adjacent GMO planting as the crops can be cross pollinated. There is nearly $800,000 in outside funding from the opposition against the Jackson county measure including that from Monsanto, Syngenta and Midwest sugar beet growers. A court battle is almost a certainty if the measure passes; David vs. Goliath over food safety.
Chuck Burr, president of the Southern Oregon Seed Association, sells 600 varieties of seeds through his business, Restoration Seeds, most of which he buys from other growers. “I’m just one farmer. There are 160 farmers who signed onto this measure,” he said. “Any of us who grow beets or chard, we’re very concerned. Contamination is unavoidable. The best solution is to eliminate the pollen source from the valley. That solves the problem.” The Southern Oregon Seed Association was formed to finance genetic testing of seeds. The intent is to eliminate the GMO crop infestation which occurs through pollination from adjacent GMO fields. “GMOs make up the vast majority of corn, cotton, soybeans, canola and sugar beets grown in the United States, and smaller percentages of other crops.”
Local restaurants and some food chains now tout GMO-free menu items. Tourist and locals ask for GMO free vegetables in increasing numbers. Russia and China both have recently refused to buy GMO crops produced in the United States. GMO crops are banned in many European nations. The United States produces more agriculture for world food than many nations. On a long term survival level, shouldn’t our Country’s agriculture business be listening to it’s citizens and customers?





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Do Agendas Ignore Public School Parents & Students?

A variety of causes are cited for cancellation of Michelle Obama’s appearance at a high school graduation ceremony in Topeka. There was limited seating for the venue. Parents raised concern over the proposed topic of her speech- the Supreme Court Brown vs. Board of Education, which outlawed segregation in schools. That decision was handed down a short distance from the school 60 years ago; making it pertinent. Parents objected to the overflow crowd expected, which would have necessitated a broadcast to a separate audience. There was also voicing of politicizing the graduation, which some saw inappropriate. 1) The afore mentioned incident is an example of what some see as the Federal Dept.of Education going beyond what should be a locally determined process.
There is a continuing dialogue about public schools, administration, political agendas, unions, cronyism, mismanagement of public funds and curriculum.
Raul Grijalva (D-AZ); co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus was candid speaking with Salon, and claimed Obama’s education policy is a continuance of No Child Left behind, instituted by George W. Bush. Grijalva believes public schools are “starved” and called charter schools a “step towards privatization”. He also cited standardized testing as divisive in terms of cultural differences. These factors, Grijalva states set public schools up to fail. Test scores on a consecutive decline tend to either “let the school be run by private management or let the students then go somewhere else; usually to a private charter school”. Enrollment in public schools is declining. He sees a lack of diversity and declining financial resources as a serious threat to reversing the trends he outlined in his interview with Salon. 2)
Recently Common Core curriculum has come under fire from parents, students, and school districts. Many object to what they see as puzzling methodology and strange mathematics procedures. Others object to explicit text book content as well as questionable accounts of History and the Constitution. The text book publishing industry has many long time associations with public and private schools and supporters of Common Core, including Bill Gates. A recently settled lawsuit between NY Atty. General Eric Schneiderman and the Pearson Charitable Foundation was based on the determination that the foundation marketed common core products that would “generate tens of millions of dollars” for Pearson Inc., the largest educational publisher world wide and sister company to the Pearson Foundation. The market targeting of common core material by Pearson was examined by Schneiderman dating back to 2010. According to the ruling, Pearson used for it’s non profit organization to receive endorsement from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was a financial contributor in the creation of Common Core standards. Evidently, intent was established to make profit by developing the course under the non profit Pearson Foundation and then the corporate sister, Pearson Inc. would sell the common core materials at a substantial profit. When the investigation began, the Pearson Foundation sold the courses to Pearson Inc. for $15.1 million. They have denied any wrong doing in their statement. They did add some independent directors to the Foundation’s Board and admitted “we recognize there were times when the governance of the Foundation and it’s relationship with Pearson could have been clearer and more transparent.” Additional stipulations of the agreed settlement of $7.7 million paid by Pearson include the separation of the Pearson Inc. commercial products from that of Pearson Foundation. 3)

Vigilance and involvement by Parents in Public Education is difficult, but certainly is worthy of more careful scrutiny as soon as possible by those affected. The public school system bears a good portion of responsibility for whatever is the future of our Country. The present bears innumerable consequences.
1. http://news.yahoo.com/kansas-speech-michelle-obama-draws-complaints-144546090.html

2. http://dianeravitch.net/2014/04/19/representative-raul-grijalva-warns-that-obamas-market-based-policies-endanger-public-education/

3. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/pearson-pays-77-million-in-common-core-settlement/2013/12/13/77515bba-6423-11e3-aa81-e1dab1360323_story.html




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Can We Cure the American Cancer Society?

“People that donate to the American Cancer Society are basically funding pharmaceutical/chemical eugenics. According to Wiki, the rate of cancer in Americans has more than doubled the population growth since its founding.” – John Bravo Independent Journalist Top the News
In 1984,The American Cancer Society said; “1. Avoid obesity. 2. Cut down total fat intake to 30% of total calories. 3. Eat more high fiber foods. 4. Eat foods rich in vitamins A and C. 5. Include cruciferous vegetables in the diet, greens, etc. 6. Be moderate in the consumption of alcohol. 7. Moderate consumption of salt-cured, smoked and nitrite cured foods.”
The History of the American Cancer Society is somewhat in conflict with that statement. In 1913, a group of doctors met at the Harvard Club and started the American Society for the Control of Cancer located at Memorial Hospital. “Radium treatments” for cancer were their speciality. This “society” was funded by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and had contributions from J.P. Morgan & the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Foundation. They changed their original proclamation of “free radium treatments” when the donor changed their mind and they subsequently gave “treatments” for $18,000, accounting for their largest single source of income in 1924. The “donor” Douglas also gave himself radium treatments. In 1913, he died of aplastic anemia. Medical historians believe Marie Curie may have also been a victim of radium “treatments”. By 1922, more than one hundred radiologists had died from X ray induced cancer. Hubert Humphrey was treated by X ray for cancer of the bladder. In 1976. His physician Dr. Dabney Jarman declared him cured in a New York Times article. Chemo was also administered to Humphrey and he eventually refused that treatment; calling chemo “bottled death”.
The chairman of the American Cancer Society, Clarence D. Little, named in 1929 by the Rockefellers, established a laboratory at a home on Mt. Desert Island. Little was also president of the American Birth Control League, and associated with the Euthanasia Society, and the Eugenics Society. Rockefeller has Ties to Sloan Kettering. A prominent director of Sloan Kettering was Dorothy Peabody Davison. She married F. Trubee Davison, son of Henry Pomeroy Davison, a Rockefeller relative and right-hand man for J. P. Morgan. She met with others at the infamous Jekyl Island Conference, which produced the Federal Reserve Act in November of 1910.
In 1944, the American Society for the Control of Cancer became the American Cancer Society; with Albert Lasker and Elmer Bobst at the helm. Lasker’s advertising persuaded women to smoke in public. Bette Davis also did her part. Ironically, Lasker was striken with the disease. His operation for intestinal cancer in 1950 did no good. He died in 1952. In 1976 at least eighteen members of the American Cancer Society’s Board were executive officers of banks. ACS spent $114 million that year and had assets of $181 million. As of August 31, 1976, 42% of ACS cash and investments, some $75 million, was in affiliated banks. The 1975 budget of ACS reported the amount allocated for research was less than the salaries of its 2,900 employees. Some believe the American Cancer Society also controls the National Cancer Institute, a government agency. ACS admitted that 70% of its 1976 research budget went to “individuals or institutions” connected to their organization.
Pat McGrady, a science editor of ACS, told writer Peter Chowka,
“Medicine has become venal, second only to the law. The ACS slogan, control cancer with a checkup and a check . . . it’s phony, because we are not controlling cancer. That slogan is the extent of the ACS scientific, medical and clinical savvy. Nobody in the science and medical departments there is capable of doing real science. They are wonderful professionals who know how to raise money. They don’t know how to prevent cancer or cure patients; instead, they close the door to innovative ideas. ACS money goes to scientists who put on the best show to get grants or who have friends on the grant-giving panels.”
A variety of others have come forward. Dr. Hardin James addressed the ACS Panel in 1969 and stated that untreated cancer victims actually live up to four times longer than treated individuals. “For a typical type of cancer, people who refused treatment live an average of twelve and a half years. Those who accepted surgery and other kinds of treatment lived an average of only three years. I attribute this to the traumatic effect of surgery on the body’s natural defense mechanism. The body has a natural type of defense against every type of cancer.” The failure of modern medicine is profitable; there is no money in the truth. In the instance of cancer, instead of addressing the causes of cancer – such as toxins and a weakened immune system – we have slash, burn or poison away the tumors and cancer cell remediations.
Preventative and T- Cell Therapy deserves more attention.

The following is reprinted from :


* The development of cancer indicates that our natural first line of defense, our immune system, has been defeated and that the presence of either toxins and pathogens, or some imbalance in our bodies have led to the development of cancer and enabled it to gain an upper hand.

* Cancer cannot develop without an impaired liver, as alternative cancer pioneer Max Gerson discovered.

* It is very difficult for cancer to survive in an alkaline environment.

* It is likewise very difficult for cancer to survive in a highly oxygenated environment.

* Detoxing and cleansing our colons and liver helps restore balance, prepares our bodies to better be able utilize natural immune boosters and cancer fighters and paves the way to rebuilding our livers and immune systems.

* Cancer cells are diseased, impaired and/or beset by pathogens and have lost the ability to to be die naturally via normal programmed cell death and be replaced by healthy cells. These cancerous cells simply become abnormal and outlive the other cells in their normal cell life/replacement cycle and end up crowding out a territory over time.

The Promise of T -Cell Immune Therapy is gaining ground. In “A Commotion in the Blood,” published in 1997, Stephen S. Hall discusses cancer patients in remission; first with extracts of streptococcal abscesses and later with more pure cultures of the microbes by Coley. Supposedly, his results could not be reliably reproduced and were not endorsed by colleagues; notably by Ewing, a radiation proponent. Coley’s work was financially supported by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. who also donated to Ewing’s research. Both Coley and Ewing claimed successes. Ultimately, Rockefeller chose Ewing as his scientific adviser. What was Rockefeller thinking? Rockefeller’s support led to the creation of what is now the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, one of the biggest institutions studying and treating malignancies via radiation and chemotherapy. Immunology as cancer therapty for the most part was discredited and discarded.
In 1987, researchers in France discovered a protein. Named cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4, or CTLA-4; it protrudes from the T-cell’s surface. A Bristol-Myers Squibb scientist, using results from his lab, asserted that CTLA-4 increased T-cell and immune system activity. Contradictory results were obtained by Allison and Jeffrey Bluestone, an immunologist. They believed that CTLA-4 actually acted as a brake on the T-cells, and Allison thought that it might be keeping the immune system from attacking tumors. Allison also learned that Bristol-Myers Squibb had filed for a patent, which stated CTLA-4 stimulated T-cell growth. “If that was the case, you would never, ever think about injecting an antibody that blocked CTLA-4 into a cancer patient, because it would make things worse,” he said. “People were scared of putting that into a patient.” Allison persisted against this opinion, telling the industry that Bristol-Myers Squibb was wrong and he received investment from Medarex. Among its first trials on humans, in 2001, Medarex included patients with malignant melanoma, because it was one of the few cancers that had occasionally responded to immune-based treatments like interferon or interleukin-2. In 2004, Bristol-Myers Squibb joined the partnership. Interesting. A subsequent trial showed scant impact after twelve weeks. Many of the tumors got bigger, and in some patients new lesions appeared. Pfizer was also testing an antibody to CTLA-4, and concluded that it was a failure after results from Squib’s clinical trials were inconclusive.
Enter Rosenberg, who pioneered “adoptive cell transfer,” T-cells are taken from a patient’s tumor and given immune stimulants such as interleukin-2, causing replication. This mixture is then injected. Results of three trials on patients with melanoma who underwent adoptive cell transfer at the National Cancer Institute are more than encouraging. Nine of twenty-five patients have been in complete remission for more than five years. Across all three trials, five patients who had received earlier, unsuccessful treatment with the antibody to CTLA-4 are in remission.
The mutation of migrating cancer cells can sometimes negate typical T Cell Therapy. In another lab, a series of mice were injected with melanoma. Some served as controls, and black masses an inch or more grew on their flanks. Others had received the antibody to CTLA-4, or to PD-1, or a combination. “The most dramatic regression is seen with the combination,” Allison said, pointing to the flanks of mice where the tumors had shrunk to small black dots. Clinical trials in patients have begun with combining one antibody against CTLA-4 and another against PD-1, in order to remove the brakes on the T-cell.
Recently the antibody to CTLA-4, marketed under the name Yervoy, was approved by the FDA to treat melanoma. It was a vindication for immune therapy, and an important step in the treatment of cancer, which utilizes mutations; making it a most protean disease.
A La Canada, Ca. woman was dying from cancer, Connie Tucker, 57. Her cancer failed to go into remission, and after chemo failed she got into a clinical trial for Merck 3475, which theoretically allows her T-Cells to attack cancer. Connie says her tumors started shrinking immediately and have continued to do so, and she is considered a success.
It is well documented that refined sugar is a favorite fuel for cancer. The consumption of sugar has increased dramatically over the last half century. It is even added to tobacco in high concentrations in Britain, which has a high incidence of lung cancer. Our diets and environmental effects as the cause of cancer will never be ignored, except by those who profit from the disease.

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Fukushima Discoveries

Fukushima and Radiation
In 1973, I took a high school class on Nuclear Power taught by someone who was at the time a proponent of Nuclear Power. His attitude and position is mirrored in some of the regulatory sourced disclosures regarding the current incident; a denial of the danger related to levels discovered and in this case, documents that actually show this to be a sanctioned agreed upon coverup. It is beyond me to assess the dangers associated with this accident. I have taken it upon myself to gather as many sources within a time frame and present them here. In cases such as this, it is always a difficult decision for the presenter to decide at what point to conclude, if ever the degree of threat and beyond that, the accuracy of the evidence. I am nowhere near qualified to make such judgements; however I feel it is important to show what has been presented. In the end in this case I regret it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions and take necessary precaution. The sources quoted here however do in the majority of cases indicate that Fukushima is a threat.

Typically a nuclear power station uses the heat of a fission reaction with a heat exchanger to effect the phase change from liquid H2O to steam. This steam releases the energy of the fission reaction and is directed at a turbine which then spins on a shared axle with a generator, producing voltage, which is then transferred to the grid, and from there to users.
The design and location of the TEPCO Fukushima Reactor is in my mind questionable because of possible ‘meltdown’ (now occurring) or what is referred to as the ‘China Syndrome’ Failure to control the reaction may be attributed to disturbance of geology (earthquake), control rod failure, breaching of heat exchanger components due to corrosion or mechanical failure, disturbance or malfunction of monitoring/ control or backup systems, other factors or a combination of the a fore mentioned. In the case of Fukushima, the cause of the meltdown is ironically attributed to a power failure caused by the flooding of a tsunami. There are some conspiracy theories regarding this incident. That is not as important in my opinion as is what’s presented here. Please do your own research on conspiracy theories.

The Reactor itself is cased to prevent the ‘China Syndrome’ in earlier designs with steel, which has in most cases been superseded by concrete in later installations. The GE system at TEPCO is steel. The casing and the location of TEPCO’s reactor above an aquifer near the Pacific Ocean has lead directly to the life threatening situation. As the meltdown progressed, radioactivity is initially released into the atmosphere and the casing has failed, in this case contaminating the below ground aquifer; which is fed by underground rivers. As the level of contaminant rises above the aquifer’s natural boundaries, it then is subjected to the incursion of same level sea water from the Ocean, which then carries the radioactivity into the sea. It is beyond me to explain why the initial response to this tragedy wasn’t to dam the underground rivers feeding the aquifer to minimize the overflow.
I am grateful to those who have found the sources they did and taken the time and made the effort to share this on twitter.

How does a Nuclear Reactor Work? (Types)


Fire Breaks out at US Nuclear Plant. Duke Energy Reactor Shut Down and many links via

AP, WRAL, ABC, FOX, Gundersen. Thank you Jason Brickley.


The GE- TEPCO Connection and the GE Plants via southweb.org



Geiger Counters may be confiscated at Airport in Japan

Conducting a Meltdown “Experiment”


US bans Foods from Japan. FDA undermining Efforts?


Underground Explosion & Putin classifies Documents


Health Officials Respond to High Radiation Levels on Beach


Int’l Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)& Confidentiality Agreement with Japanese Govt.


Lots of News Regarding Fukushima/ TEPCO

Debate on Fukushima


Failure of Decontamination System


Live Camera Monitoring of Site

Natural Protections for Radiation Poisoning


“True Facts” about Fukushima


Dangers of Eating Pacific Caught Fish


Seabird deaths in Australia and New Zealand


TEPCO claims No Danger in Removing Fuel Rods


Photos of Accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima


Dangers of Uncontrolled Global Radiation


Pentagon Stockpiles Potassium Iodide


IAEA Tells TEPCO to dump in Ocean



US Sailors to sue TEPCO for Radiation Poisoning


3 Minute Video- TEPCO Dirty Tricks


Malfunction of Crane Causes Non disclosure


Susanne Posel Reactor 3 Meltdown Admitted by TEPCO


12 Minute Video “Radioactive Reality”


Remediation by Recruited Homeless at Fukushima


TEPCO News Release (Japanese)


Mochizuki of Fukushima Diary on Reactor 3/4 Shielding. Good Resource.


Delayed Data Release and US Sailors Radiation Sickness


Radiation Release Count at Reactor 2


More than You want to know about Nuclear Contamination

Types of Personal Radiation Detectors
What is a Geiger Counter?

Radiation Detectors- Ask 4 Scintillation type for Food

Geiger Counter- Not Effective for Detecting in Food

Iodine for Radiation Exposure
Interesting Comments on Potassium Iodide Use

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Just Suppose 911

Just Suppose
Jan1, 2014
I have had more than a few second thoughts about publishing this, but,
Just suppose 911 was a frame up to invade Iraq so United States Government could:
Establish military bases
Take over Central Bank
Destroy financial records at Pentagon and Wall Street
Murder key witnesses who could expose the plot
Allow instances of International Crime to go uninvestigated and unpunished
Control finance, oil, minerals and opiates in Middle East, including Afghanistan
Appoint subversives to positions in US Government, including white house staff
Provide financing for contracted private militia and military industrial complex
Provide incentive for revenge among Muslim tribes to justify ‘war on terror’
Utilize ‘war on terror’ to enact unconstitutional legislation
Legalize spying, indefinite detention and hold US citizens captive to US regime
Imprison and murder outspoken Whistleblowers
Obfuscate, delay enforcement and violate the Constitution with obtuse Court rulings
Antagonize multiple Countries while funding and staging domestic terrorist activities
Attempt to disarm citizens without amending the Constitution
Provide financial and military support for both sides of conflict, perpetrating same
Sacrifice and disarm military with subversive orders and ‘rules of engagement’
Inflate the US currency with unsustainable Federal Reserve policy
Disavow Constitutional rights under ‘protection of civil liberties’
Open borders of United States while suspending Constitution

Promote destructive cultural insurgent agenda of those who hate the United States
Utilize propaganda of multiple complicit media sources to further agenda
Create enormous consumer debt by mandating unconstitutional tax

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Prayer 120

When i wrote Prayer 120, I told the requester it would be brief, but I thought about it for 2 days. 120th Prayer for Nation intended to convey two things; our Armed Services are beyond brave; they deserve us pray their safety every day. The message actually dawned on me that God intends and directs us in the battle of good over evil. We are all Soldiers.
“We pray God those in battle are Strengthened”
means every one of us.

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