Extortion17 Discoveries

This Page was 1st Published May 16, 2013 to Account Seal Team 6 Extortion 17 Mission.

UPDATE Feb 28,2014

The Extortion17 ‘Hearing’ was conducted on February 27, 2014

Although I feel compelled to comment on the Extortion17 ‘Hearing’, it is beyond me to express the frustration of Fellow Patriots and the Families of the Victims regarding the Obfuscation of Well Documented Truth regarding this event. Before viewing this transcript, please take a moment to read this page via Renee Nal.

“It was a Travesty of Justice.”


Jason Chaffetz (Chairman) and the Extortion17 Hearing on Feb. 27, 2014 regarding the downing of a Helicopter in Afghanistan on Aug 6, 2011. 30 U.S. Service Men were killed. May Justice Prevail and those Responsible be brought Forward.


More Here from the Independent Sentinel on Extortion17 Hearing


IGNORED Questions for Extortion17 submitted by Karen and Billy Vaughn

UPDATE Feb. 26,2014

Congress Bars Families of Fallen Seal Team From Testifying at Hearing

Absolutely Disgusting, Shameful, Unforgivable Travesty and an Indictment of Coverup


UPDATE Feb. 23, 2014

Extortion 17 Finally Gets a Congressional Hearing… 2 1/2 Years Later

Congressional Hearing Scheduled for 30 Heroes Killed in Shoot Down of Extortion 17

Extortion 17 Finally Gets Congressional Hearing Scheduled

This link for Hearing Feb. 27th, 2014.

Is There a Conspiracy behind SealTeam6 Extortion17 Mission?

Pentagon Leader Ordered Bin Laden Death Photos To Be Destroyed

claims 1 Hr. 33 secs.


UPDATE Jan. 4, 2014

Support Investigation backed by Chaffetz  on Exortion17 @JasonintheHouse on twitter

“Seal Team 6 Disaster Will get Congressional Hearing” via complex.foreignpolicy.com


Congress to Hold Hearing on SealTeam6 “Helicopter Crash” via The Hill



Documentary of Seal Team 6 and Extortion17

Twitter Update via http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/10/m-military_families_are_outing_obama.html

Twitter Update via   June 27, 2013

Lawsuit filed by SealTeam6 victims families filed against Biden and Panetta





Commemoration Ceremony


Search TrentVision.com
The Press Conference:
Short take on Press Conference:

General Vallely:

Gen McInerney:

Allen West:

General Boykin:

Navy Seal Ben Smith:

Navy Seal Larry Bailey:











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The Course of History in our Hands

Greetings from my desk on the day of the #CISPABlackout. Copy and paste the hash tags in this essay in the search window on the website twitter.com. The USA is being fought over by interests represented by the most financially powerful and ruthless humans on the planet. Our government doesn’t represent our interests whatsoever, and in my perception is under an incomprehensible amount of pressure from the opposing interests in this conflict. It is past time to recognize the essence of this conflict, as the outcome will affect us directly, our children magnanimously, and the course of human history.
There are recent examples of government regulations that could only be identified as poorly disguised and serious attempts at tyranny, ie. #FISA, #NDAA, #CISPA. I believe the arrogance with which these measures are carried out serves to demoralize; cause apathy, fear, ignorance and eventually; the submission of the citizens to a police state. #BostonPoliceState
Some believe there is credence to an #Agenda21 or #NWO conspiracy, and there is evidence that is difficult to overlook in this regard. These financial powers can direct others to control weather with multiple technologies, (#HAARP, #chemtrails) create floods with tides, ignore international law, determine the content and delivery of every thing we see, hear and if we are not careful; think. This conflict exposes itself in public schools, where young children have been traumatized by horrible events; but worse yet is the continuing indoctrination of our children with ideas that are contrary to that of the people that founded our country. #Commoncore
The financial world of Wall Street, the Reserve banks of the World, IMF, and the  monetary monsters within are above the law as they destroy the value of currencies, committing fraud upon the citizens and exhibiting the same arrogance as multiple  governments in doing so. Financial Regulatory agencies appear more than slightly complicit or even worse; incompetent. (#SEC #OCC #DOJ). Financial criminals rarely serve jail time and their controlling interests manage to pass their ‘mistakes’ on to the general public via #bailout. Military interests perpetuate war, and the financial interests reap the benefits of taking over the finances of countries in these ‘conflicts‘, such as Iraq. The stock market trends of the defense industry contractors defies the general trend in the market. Beside this, there are many who are convinced the market is completely rigged by #bankers #endthefed #STOCKact
The pursuit of citizens to right these wrongs is exemplified by the #RonPaul movement and many other groups such as #TeaParty, #Anonymous, #Occupy, #Oathkeepers and a huge number of Constitution believing citizen groups such as #NRA and #GunOwnersof America. These groups want to make our Country what it should be. There is some progress here, but I believe they argue with each other too much. Without more unity, we are powerless. Those who put their faith in government to act in accordance with law as it is written to protect and provide for them are delusional. These ‘people’ are the biggest problem we face. Others who question and speak out regarding the many recent ‘events’ are possibly labeled as terrorists and those who point out or question these events often endanger themselves in their pursuit of awareness and justice.
Our ‘media’ is delivered by a handful of companies that are obviously complicit in delivering propaganda and obfuscating material facts. To some, it is obvious the agenda of those in power is to demoralize, financially oppress, indoctrinate, vaccinate and use military force to control , and some believe euthanize (#Eugenics #BillGates #Agenda21) the general population.
Our children grow up with less parenting, a huge amount of information from questionable sources, intelligent and cruel peer pressure, and public primary through college graduation education that relies too much I say on rote imitation and ignorance of critical thinking. Children may see politicians caught in lies, and are kept ignorant by parents who are  frankly, also ignorant or apathetic regarding world events. The child is traumatized enough. The realization that our food industry #Monsanto and regulators #FDA haven’t done much as the guardians of public health is to many parents a shocking discovery. We know there are documented cases of adverse side effects in our diets, so there is no logical justification in the continuance of same. #GMO.
We have #falseflags, wars that can’t be justified, a frightening lack of compassion for humanity and worldwide religious, resource and financial conflicts that are absurd. Multiple generations choose apathy, perpetuating the ignorance. A sad day is approaching; that which will necessitate us to abandon the pursuit of waking people up to our possible future and instead devoting more of our time to obstructing and undermining this ‘agenda’, whilst simultaneously determining which courses of action are necessary to prevent our own deprivation of freedom and to many, much worse. It is up to us. What will you do to determine the course of history?
Tweeted responses welcome on twitter.com @Tazatator No direct messages, please.

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Gramma’s Lap

I had a sled called a Flexible Flyer
I had a bike called a Schwinn,
When I was younger a hobby horse,
before I had learned how to swim.

I think of these things as the rain dances down
and jumps cross the pane near I sit
I remember the things I did as a kid
and I wonder how I physically fit.

I still have my Lionel train
and some books by my buddy,
Mark Twain

Yet today so it seems,
I feel most of my dreams
were boxed up and delivered in kit.

And what I miss most is
the milk and the toast
the fire’s warm glow
and the pleasure to know
Gramma’s lap was the place
I would sit

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The Homeless Prince

November 4, 2012

“Ooh oh oh oh oh I walk the way I want to walk…. Put on Your Best Dress Baby.”
Bruce Springsteen. You’ve never been on the street? I mean literally.. for breakfast lunch, dinner and nighty night? You won’t like it. Ever been in an EMERGENCY? When you’re living beyond the home, it’s “everymergency” all the time. Brushing your teeth? Where do you keep the brush and the toothpaste? It’s crowded in those socks and they’re kind of grubby at that. Got gum disease? You might. Eaten cat food? You might. Pooped in a bucket? Yep. Played a guitar at AM/PM? Done it. Bike with trailer? Check. Wash clothes in a bucket? Uh huh. Discover most of (Br)others are borderline felons with prison (not jail) records. Great. Women end up selling themselves for money and/or dope. The “guys” steal from each other, fight, do gang tackle shoplifting at convenience stores and get serious about obtuse priorities.

Anyone with a car is instantly transformed into an all hours ghetto taxi. Don’t want to cooperate? That’s going to be trouble unless you don’t sleep.

You won’t get much notice when you’re about to become homeless. There’s a better chance of finding a local elected official dishing soup at the Mission. If you don’t mind hearing a sermon, hit the local shelter, but they’re crowded and have always been a bit austere. Women and children get priority. Suddenly your voter registration and library cards are not important. Guess what. Darkness is so much scarier than when you were a kid. You always need sleep, but… there’s usually no room or money for the Inn unless you’re really lucky.

Apple, Google and Facebook don’t matter at all and neither does the middle east. Not so bad. Nutrition is a challenge. Hungry again. Everything’s an emergency. I promise. Washed the clothes and got clean somehow? Congratulations. Noodles and rice midday followed by a nap. Eggs for breakfast are a luxury and it’s better to be close to income, groceries and open fire capability unless you’re good at trapping, etc.. Camping? Every day. Economic survival for honest folks is scavenging, recycling and the top of the heap; odd jobs, which is highly dependent on referrals.

I wrote for a local newspaper before it went out of print; business and human interest mostly. In the “yard” where we squatted in squaller, I see my “landlord” talking to the landowner. I know the landowner! I interviewed him for a local story I wrote about water resources. He owns a vineyard and is now the director of the local water district. My”landlord” is surprised I know him. Good. He is reluctant to threaten me now, and has to leave me alone. A reprieve. I am a “yard dog” living on site in a heavy equipment storage yard. The other “yard dogs” steal water from a hydrant to put in a water truck. I get to drive the crazy military surplus clunker around the lot, dumping water on the silty terrain. Broadsliding a 2 ton 6 wheel truck is almost fun. When the sun sets, I’m sleeping in a clapped out motorhome, often waking to the quaking of 5 locomotives pouring on the coal trying to make 40 mph on the way out of the Union Southern Pacific yard.

In the morning before the melting heat near Van Buren and Jurupa, in front of my “rig”, I hold a sign; “Cans and bottles please. God Bless You”. My “rig” is a bike with a trailer full of cans and plastic bottles.

I’m pushing my “rig” through the parking lot of a “Popeye’s Chicken” and a guy pulls up in a dually truck, hands me a twenty, looks me square in the eye and says, “Get yourself something to eat, and… no drinking”. Next thing I remember I’m on my knees in that parking lot, thanking God I don’t drink and practically crawling into the joint to get what at that time would be described as a feast. In one years time, I am proud enough to say I never asked anyone directly for money unless in exchange for goods or services. I’m the guy that hands the homeless guy a dollar.

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Connect to the Clouds

October 30, 2012

There are plenty of ways these days to be “connected”; sometimes at the expense of a disconnect to ourselves. I marvel at young people in conversation; not straining their eyes, not looking at the requisite screen; an almost incessant interruption in their lives. If ADD (attention deficit disorder) is as prevalent as it is (makes sense, huh?) is it possible that we have caused it, pursuing corporate profitability? Wireless leashes permeate the society of our young people. Observe young people playing baseball or soccer. No time for phones or twittering on the field. Amazing. A coffee shop conversation without a phone call interruption? Fainting. I’m driving down the phone, chatting away on my car (usually about nothing important) when I come to realize I don’t remember the purpose of the call. Worse yet, in the middle of the sentence, I tell the other “sheep” to; “Hold on, I don’t know where my phone is.”

In the early 1980‘s our lives were “transastorized” via modern communication and “computer technology”. The microprocessor has certainly provided some benefit to society, but for whatever reason, my world is almost the same with or without the thing. It does provide me relief from talking directly with pesky young people, which I actually lament, but they seem to be fine with this. In summary, it appears the communication connectivity thing allows confusion, interruptions, and an invasion of privacy to now enter almost everyone’s lives and provide investors and brokers amusement at the Wall Street gaming table. This hand held leash connects everyone to confusion, bureaucracy and what some call entertainment. The new break through in security challenges? “Cloud” computing. I can wait.

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My Frustrating Things

Licenses, permits and emails and faxes,
Smart phones and bailouts and all kinds of taxes

Fund raising, campaigning, playing with money
Mud slinging, back stabbing. Gee it’s so funny

Congress and lobbying tied up with strings
These are a few of my frustrating things

Senators, limos and insider trading
Outsourced and offshore CO’s masquerading

Despising all of the twits that they are
I don’t even want to put gas in my car

When the truth hits, when the FED prints
My… it’s really bad
I simply remember my frustrating things
and then I get really mad.

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Governmint Monkey Business


Corporate and political policies need to change if we care about ourselves. The two are so enmeshed in nepotism, lobbying, campaign finance and the perpetuation of the status quo that it is difficult to ascertain the relationship between corporate strategies and the legislative process. How is it possible to enact guidelines that ensure a non-polluted future in the local area when the only means of employment is a coal mine, a paper or steel mill and those same enterprises contribute a disproportionate amount of the local tax revenue, and are connected financially to political officials through lobby efforts and other camouflaged bribery? It’s true there is no law that requires conscience or humanitarian effort by corporate and political  institutions, but there does appear to be somewhat of a change related to this, although it is likely to be a product of slick public relations or other lip service.
As the economy continues on it’s death spiral, abbetted and narrated by the government and the media, the changes society faces and embraces may not have the positive effect on the market many claim is needed (to maintain the status quo). Most believe a proposterous amount of effort and financial resources have now been spent to prevent a devastating future. The “too big to fail” proposition likely has found no real solutions. When the letter of the  law is followed (that’s a real change), the economic condition can only worsen, as with the under writing of personal and corporate finance.  It appears as well that the fundamental societal changes in values and hence habits will have a far more significant effect on the new “old ways” soon to be in effect. As the selfish greed and consumerism of the recent past is destroyed through nothing more than a majority lack of participation, the reluctance to invest in the same type of enterprises by the upper echelon will perhaps provide some entry by these entities into new “old way” commerce. The most unspoken and here theorized principle of corporate philosophy up until now appears to have been not to provide value to the consumer, but to return equity to the shareholders, creating a paper value for publicly traded issues. The stock exchange reinforced the notion that the best way for a company to make money when they couldn’t make a legitimate profit through the sale of goods and services was to invest in other’s hopefully increasing or decreasing stock value. Research and development didn’t receive the needed investment, which facilitated the horse track mentality. In the case of the American “auto makers”, perhaps the unspoken credo  was, “It’s easier to sell to investor greed than to consumer savvy”.  Do investors bet on actual corporate performance, or more likely; the participation of corporate and other investors’ perception. This betting on the betting, which is bet on the other’s betting has “volatized” the corporate finance “community”. Printing money hasn’t solved any problems either.

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